If you could rule the world, what would you do first?

Having that much power could definitely get to someone’s head leading them into evil when they probably started with the greatest of intentions.

Everyone unless they are mentally disturbed want a better world that is fair, just, and peaceful, but sadly it just isn’t that way!
Not everyone is on the same page or even in the same book!
Some fight for power, control, and popularity. While other fight for peace, tranquility, and another meal.
Many of us are famous for saying “IF ONLY” I had a chance to change the world…. and I can see it now, they get the crown the golden scepter and then say; Uh what do I do now?
There are so many things wrong with this world that I am afraid no one would no where to start!
Is there a solution?
I wonder what would happen if each one of over 7 billion people who populate our planet (except babies of course) did one thing to change the world, we could do way more than the United Nations and United States could ever even think of doing!
Think of this…. If we designed a global foundation that could be collected to help the needs of poverty stricken countries, provide medicine, give more to scientific research facilities to help with finding more cures at a faster rate, aid in preservation of our lands, help animals from going extinct, create factories to help purify the air and water instead of adding to the contamination, build cars only run by solar light, and much more…. each one of us would donate one dollar to this global foundation every six months which would sum up to about 14billion dollars a year. This money would not go to the government, not be used in war and definitely not go to give prisoners more comforts!
Don’t get me started on prisons!!!

Ok so you guys are probably thinking we already pay taxes and SocialSecurity why pay more?
Well that money you never see!
Yes, the governments build bridges, buildings, fix roads, pay public schools, shelters and medical care.
BUT…. Most of these projects are not really helping anyone and are minimal care versus the care we hard working citizens deserve!
I know and hate to admit that this may never happen, but I can keep dreaming, can’t I?



The less you know the better?


China, still making walls and boundaries after thousands of years.

We all have heard the insanity of the chinese government trying to discourage freedom of speech and expression. When they should be educating their people in other ways.

So….. Why do they block the people?

Is it to protect, or to manipulate?

If “CHINA” keeps its people uninformed they will follow.

China has been accused of stretching the truth to fit their own interests.

That is what the administration is attempting to do in the US.

Disseminate information of their choice and discredit truth in reporting.

It is a dangerous proposition for a so called “free society”.

The internet is the biggest threat to China, because the internet is based on the principle that anyone with access to a computer can receive and exchange information and ideas with anyone else in the world.

Therefore making the Chinese Government worry about a possible threat of alliance, which might end up backfiring on them one day due to their manipulative techniques.

Democratic governments do not have a problem with this, and aside from outlawing criminal activity such as child pornography and promoting terrorism, they do not restrict the internet in those areas. They are concerned with image alone and controlling the Internet allows them to control the information of their own population, getting information and giving information. Also it allows them to use this method to infiltrate other countries without giving up any information. (Iran does the same thing on a smaller scale.)

So, it’s not a question of moral beliefs, it is to maintain their dictatorship, the Chinese government needs to control and restrict the flow of information.

It might be conceivable that one day the internet will mean the end of dictatorship in China and the dawn of democracy.

Imagine that you are controlling a population that could, with some organization, easily overthrow the government. Oh no! We wouldn’t want that, would we?

How is the blocking of Blogs, Face book, YouTube and Google going to cause a problem, when the majority of the people all over the world just want to stay connected with friends, colleagues and family, especially now more than ever due to so many people traveling and living abroad these days…..we are not all trying to over throw a government and sadly not all of us are even interested in politics enough anyway!

My point with all of this is…..

Why block the public from “Government politics” that keep us educated and well informed, and start by BLOCKING it with all the UNMORAL CONTENT that dangerously poisons us, affecting relationships, damaging your heart, mind and soul,that inimitably leads to an evil addiction that changes your overall personality.

The world needs to start breaking down walls and boundaries so that we may have a possible chance at peace.