The Atheist


A little girl was sitting next to a man on an airplane headed for Japan, it was going to be a long trip, so the man decided to strike up a conversation to help the time pass by.

“Hey little girl want to chat?”

The little girl responded: “About what?”

The man replied: “I don’t know, let’s talk about how there is no God, heaven nor hell and no life after death?”

The little girl responded:
“Why is it that a Deer, Cow and Horse eat the same things, but a Deer poops droplets and a Cow poops patties and a Horse big piles of poo?”

The man looked at her surprised at how intelligent she was and replied:
“I have no idea?”

To which the little girl responded:
“Do you really think you are qualified to talk about God, heaven, hell and life after death when you don’t know shit!!!”

(Made to make you think!)


Divide and Conquer the “OREO”!


When I think of how many divisions there are in the world it makes me think of the general nature of most people.

Imagine living in a large gated community with no managers…. Then some day someone out of nowhere wants to make changes to a place where people have become accustomed to there routine of things for years. This person acting as new manager starts moving things around leaving the people puzzled to where things used to be for so long, starts gating the entrance and questioning everyone who comes in: “What is your reason for being here?” Then this person asks you and everyone living there for money for changes that none of you new about, only to be forced to accept. You all were living peacefully and minding your own business when suddenly someone thinks they have the right to barge in and push their opinions on you and everyone around you!
Does this sound like GOVERNMENT and RELIGION?
We all live in a GATED WORLD!
The first 13 colonies were conquered and taken from innocent people, and we live in freedom right, thinking we own what was never ours to begin with! The government is all about power, conquering, and gaining complete control!
Ever since the beginning of time we have been told how to live, act, think, or not to think, what to believe and how to divide!
Our news, schools, magazines, churches, television, government and more have been twisting the minds of many saying that we live in FREEDOM, when in reality we are bound to the ideas and opinions of others!

Don’t believe that you too are being manipulated?
Answer these with YES or NO…..
Do you eat breakfast in the morning?
Do you go to church because you want to?
Do you work for fun?
Do you pay taxes on your land?
Do you get the flu shot every year?
Do you agree with the deaths in IRAQ?

If your answers were more YES than NO you are being manipulated!
Just because the sun rises in the morning doesn’t mean you must have breakfast!
Just because everyone else goes to church doesn’t mean you have to!
Just because you have the only job you could get, doesn’t mean that it was your choice to have!
Just because you “OWN” your home doesn’t mean you can stop the government from taking it!
Just because the government says: “Get the flu shot” doesn’t mean that you need it!
(Personally I have never got the flu shot and well I am still here, you believe that?)
Our “UNITED NATIONS” promotes world peace, and that is why the war in Iraq still continues unnecessarily!

Let me tell you how I feel we should live….
By taking an OREO leaving it together taking a little bite and enjoying it’s flavor all together, versus ripping it apart sucking out the frosting licking what left on the outer cookie and throwing it away!

Okay the point to my METAPHOR, we humans are the OREO as whole, Government and Religion suck the inner parts of our unique beings leaving just an empty outer cookie that no one wants anymore because, the very filling (our Spirits) that made us so appealing is gone, becoming Conquered and Divided!

Could I get a little HELP, here???

Whatever happened to the thought of helping someone without the intension of receiving something in return?
Why is it that the majority of people that help do it out of pity or under terms and conditions?
Is there in existence anyone out there that genuinely cares for the well being of their fellow man?

Two photographs stained my memory a while back, one of them a white child and a black child hugging, both no older than three and it read below:
“These children were NOT born racist, they were taught by society and religion.”
The second photograph was a picture of a bald, tall muscular man wearing a red muscle shirt, full sleeve tattoos, blue ripped jeans and chains hanging from his belt. Next to this picture was another photograph of the same man at work in his white coat and stethoscope… my surprise, he was a doctor!

Now those photographs painted a powerful picture of a horrible fact on how our world operates and views each other! If we were never taught to believe in other people’s HATES we would never be such a non helping society!

This got me thinking not only is there a problem with acceptance, but there is a major problem with the way people decide to help others, by factoring in status, economic class, last names, sexuality and much more.





We are so quick to judge, and slow help a person out, that might be more like us than we want to admit!
When I personally was in need of help, the people that came to my aid were not even close to what I expected. Being brought up in a Christian church I had my judgmental ways of thinking and boy oh boy was I mislead!

It turned out that my “Fellow Christians” were the last to help, and the very people I was taught to avoid and otherwise not associate with, do to conflicts of belief, ended up HELPING ME???
Well this left me with my jaw on the floor, feeling quite ridiculous for thinking all I was told to believe, was not even close to reality!

Out of all the generous, unselfish, beautiful, humble, people that helped me 90% of them were Catholic and the other 10% were complete strangers with little or no money, but the BIGGEST of HEARTS!
It seems that those who are less fortunate are moved to help more than those who have more than enough too help, WHY?
Those who have nothing, value what they have and how hard they worked to obtain it, therefore appreciating it more than someone who was handed money since their first words were spoken. 
I am in no way saying that those who are upper class didn’t work hard to get there, but I notice that these people are more likely to turn you down in fear that by helping you they will end up broke!

Sadly my friends gave me excuses, my family basically said: “If you stayed in the church this would’ve never happened!”…..OKAY?

My own church that I grew up in wasn’t inclined to help either!
My situation is basically another blog entirely, but my point remains that, help is becoming extinct more than the animals..

So…. how did society become so self-centered and unemotional to the needs of other’s?
I hate to say it, but man’s teachings, separation of culture, religion, economical class, racist cults, greed, along with a long list of other reasons, is why people just don’t care to share!

Society is made up of many different clusters of economic class:
Here are a few……

~Lower Class (people who are looked down upon for having very little and barely being able to eat or sustain humble living conditions)…….

My Lower Class Definition: HUMBLE, Kindhearted people with a story, who are willing yet unable to help others or themselves when in need, but miraculously find a way through working their fingers to the bone.

~Middle Class (people who work extremely hard to be able to pay their loans, while they live in a somewhat comfortable apartment or small home with high mortgage)

My Middle Class Definition: Hardworking Overtaxed people who literally bust their butts off to have what they have and know the importance of saving and being responsible, wanting to help and usually end up helping, while being afraid of falling behind and not being able to catch up again!

~Upper Class (people who live ultra comfortable lives having more than one home. A business or two run by employees as they vacation 3 to 6 months out of the year and spend summer’s in private homes in exotic locations)

My Upper Class Definition: People who accuse others with lower economic class of being ignorant and uneducated without knowing their story, therefore not helping as a part of teaching them a lesson. Investing money and sharing a very small percentage to charities as not to be looked upon badly by society. They tip small, spend largely and could care less about humanity or our crumbling world.


I challenge you to invite in a stranger for a bowl of soup, drive up to a homeless person without judging and hand them more than just change, give that lady who is walking home in the rain a ride, open your Eyes, NOTICE, Heart, LOVE, and Mind, OPEN. Help thos that are less fortunate, no matter who they are, where they came from, what belief’s they have, or what color their skin is.
Let’s make someone’s life a little brighter this holiday season, and every other day of the years forever and always. Peace and Love, FancyJ London 


There is a quaint story about President George Washington which has been taught to schoolchildren for many years.

As a boy of six, Washington received a new hatchet. He went around cutting everything he could find with it, including his father’s prized cherry tree. The tree died and his father, angered, went through the house demanding to know who had done it. George confessed and their conversation supposedly went something like this…

“George,do you know who has killed my beautiful little cherry tree yonder in the garden? I would not have taken five guineas for it!”

“I cannot tell a lie, father, you know I cannot tell a lie! I did cut it with my little hatchet.”

“My son, that you should not be afraid to tell the truth is more to me than a thousand trees! Yes – though they were blossomed with silver and had leaves of the purest gold!”

This story has been used to illustrate Washington’s honesty and moral uprightness for over two hundred years.

Unfortunately, it is utterly false!

It was created by a person named Mason Locke Weems and included in his “A History of the Life and Death, Virtues and Exploit, of General George Washington” which was first published in 1800.

Weems felt that earlier biographies of Washington were rather dull, so he wanted to make his more interesting by humanizing Washington while holding him up as a man of extraordinary character. Weems may have also wanted to make Washington seem more religious than he actually was.

False though it was, Americans loved the story and it found its way into numerous books, publications, and illustrations. Many of those who know it is false believe that “it should be true” because it is such a good, believable story about the life of our first President. Image

So people are happy to believe comfortable stories and in things they know not to be true because it sounds good, rather than boring old facts??? HMM? How do we know what to believe or not to believe in a society that has been making it acceptable to lie for hundreds of generations! 

Culture VS Religion

Japan ranked 5th place out of 140 countries for being the most peaceful country in the world. What about the United States? The U.S. was ranked 97th in the survey, while China was 67th.
Japanese People are very Respectful, respect for your elders, let alone strangers, is actually practiced, you’ll find Japan exceedingly old-fashioned, in a good way.
Then again, it’s not entirely surprising that tradition is valued here; the imperial house of Japan is the oldest continuing hereditary monarchy in the world. Tradition, hospitality and respect is apparent everywhere, even how they bow is based on the amount of deference you wish to give to the person you are speaking with, 15 – 20 degrees is usual for an everyday greeting. If you are meeting someone very important, then you may wish to bow lower and if you are often doing the wrong thing, then you might find yourself often in bows of 90 degrees or at one’s feet in apology!
The crime rate in Japan is very low. The theft rate is particularly low. There are 1.3 robberies per 100,000 population compared with 233.0 in the United States. Japanese view theft as a pathetic crime.
Japanese language with it’s complex rules of honorific and humble speech are a reflection of Japan’s ultra polite culture and society. It’s a beautiful yet complex language.
People in Japan wear a mask at any indication of illness or allergies. It’s basically rude not to wear a mask when your sick.
Now lets get into Religion,
Shinto is the indigenous faith of the Japanese people and it is as old as Japan itself. Today it remains Japan’s major religion alongside Buddhism and Christianity. Most people who have any interest in Japanese culture are aware of this, but how many people actually know the intricacies that make up Shinto and its beliefs?
The customs and values of Shinto are inseparable from those of Japanese culture. Many Japanese activities have their roots in Shinto. Elements of Shinto can be found in architecture, sumo wrestling anime, manga, and a lot of Japanese pop culture.
Shinto doesn’t really have a founder or sacred scriptures or anything like that though. Religious propaganda and preaching are not common here either. This is one of the things that sets Shinto apart from most of the popular religions today. Shinto is deeply rooted in the Japanese people and their traditions, so practices like conversion don’t exactly go along with what Shinto is. Since Shinto is very Japanese by nature and does not try to press others to join them, the percentage of Shintos living in this world is very small, with pretty much all of them residing in Japan. I think that’s nice though. Shinto is inherently Japanese, and its just another one of those things that you can really only get the full experience and understand while in Japan. Instead of sacred texts, Shinto bases most of its beliefs on four ancient books. These books are, Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters) which is the foundation to written Shinto history, Shoku Nihongi, Nihon Shoki (Continuing Chronicles of Japan), Rikkokushi (Six National Histories), and JinnShōtōk (a study of Shinto and Japanese politics and history).
Shinto is all about the kami.
Kami (sacred spirits) are the “gods” in Shinto. They take the form of many things such as animals, plants, lakes, and rivers. As such, Shinto is a form of animism. Humans become kami after they die and are honored as ancestral kami with some families actually having little shrines in their homes.
The Goddess Amaterasu is widely considered to be Shinto’s most famous kami and she was even the star of her very own video game, Ōkami.
There are no real absolutes in Shinto,everything is kind of grey.
They don’t believe in absolute right or wrong and they acknowledge that nobody is perfect.
They view humans as fundamentally good, with the evils in the world being caused by ghouls and ghosts from Japan, troublesome and devilish kami. As such, the purpose of most Shinto rituals is to keep away evil spirits. This is achieved by purification, prayers, and offerings.
Shinto teaches that people should want their sins cleansed for one’s own peace, not because sinning is inherently wrong. It’s natural.
Shinto do have some freaky beliefs. Those who die holding a grudge strong enough to keep them attached to the physical world will become evil, revenge seeking kami, as seen in “The Grudge” a popular Japanese film.
So, Shinto has its easygoing ups as well as its terrifying downs.
Purification rituals are an essential part of Shinto. New buildings constructed in Japan are frequently blessed by a Shinto priest during the groundbreaking ceremony, and many Japanese cars are blessed at some point in their assembly. I wonder if they get a little sticker or certificate saying they were blessed. Hmm…?
Both men and women can become Shinto priests, and they’re even allowed to marry and have children. Some even live on site with the shrine they’re in charge of. Priests are aided by young women known as miko during Shinto rituals and performances. Miko wear white kimono, must be unmarried, and are often daughters of the Shinto priests.
The purpose of this information is give a little insight into another culture to help open our minds and to prove yet another point, we have our “BIBLE” and they have their four ancient books passed down from generations, Man written NOT dictated from a SUPER BEING!


Cases of Injustice!

We all are hearing so much about …Treyvon Martin… these past few days and sadly this is something that coincides with all that I describe here in my Blog and still have much, much more to say!
This case violently rocks the stomach of many, I being one!!!

This feeling of complete anger and disgust for our judicial system is only the beginning, my question is, where was/is “God” ……..?

Of course many would give the oldest speech in the book, “God has his reasons.”

Okay…..wait just a cotton picking minute!!!
“EVIL” has his reasons, now that sounds more believable!

I hate to repeat myself, but there are too many cases of injustice not only in the court room, but through the government, religion, work force, schools/universities, hospitals, entertainment industry, and not to mention out on the street all over the world.

People speak of “Honor” even the president himself speaks of it, where is honor in all of this?

The curb on gun violence will not stop VIOLENCE, will not bring back TREYVON, and will not fix what is wrong with this country and it’s twisted beliefs!!!

You want an example of peace and unity?

JAPAN …….We are far from being an example, yet because we have nuclear weapons we are feared, but not in any way respected! We are the worst country for our awful injustices and horrible practices. We stick our nose into all that is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS and take what does not belong to us while killing others to get it! (Like IRAQ)

This nation is not under “GOD” it is under ‘EVIL”!

All I can say is it is a tragedy that so many americans are so unaware or just plain ignorant to even care!!!


This Bible, That Bible, BIBLE!!!!

The Kardashian’s say it often, B I B L E!!!!! To me the Bible is ONE book, but wait there is more than one version. One of my adoring followers asked where I was reading the scriptures from???

KING JAMES, LIVING, HEBREW, or maybe in another language perhaps, that would be more understandable or would it?

If there are over 30 versions of the Bible how do you know which one is the right one?

Bible versions are basically translated to fit what people think it means or what fits what they think they want to hear!

Which brings me back to my point of….How many religions there are and which one is the one? There is no right or wrong answer, you go where you feel like going and you read what you feel you can understand! RIGHT? or Wrong?

Keep the comments coming, Love it!!!

Super Being Manipulated

This blog is my personal opinion and is no way trashing the belief’s of others, we all have a right to express how we feel and I welcome your comments!


Jacqueline Williams

I sat down at the table about to eat when my daughter bowed her head and said: Thank you “MOMMY” for this delicious meal that you sweated your butt off to make and worked hard to buy just to be able to feed us, AMEN!

That got me thinking…. Never once in my life have I seen some “SUPER BEING” drop anything from the sky to help me out!

I have had countless things happen to me from the time I could crawl to now and I feel like the only one who made it possible to get through it was almighty ME!

When people say Thank God, I think to myself for what? God is something people made up to feel some sort of hope only to keep struggling.


Well I have faith in things I can see, hear, make, and do with my own hands.

I hear all the time speeches from celebrities, “….And thank you God for helping my EXPLICIT over the top Swearing album make it to the top of the charts!”


God helped you?

Well if “God” is responsible for helping someone’s cursing album, I really don’t want to believe it!

So apparently in the Bible it states that GOD is merciful and loving and protects all his little children?

That’s why he allows nursery’s in IRAQ to be blown up right? Children in a school to be shot down in class along with their teachers, and Kids to be losing limbs as they watch a marathon?

Then you have the CHRISTIANS telling you God has his reasons… GOD is contradicting the BIBLE?

Think about this before you try to defend what you know nothing about!

I strongly in my opinion believe that MAN wrote the Bible in hopes of keeping the people in fear of something greater as not to do harmful, Illegal and horrific things back in the day when there was no such thing as courts and FBI.

I was raised in a “CHRISTIAN” church and well it is no longer together, WHY?

Man wanted to much control, its about power, money, and greed. Churches are suppose to help the needs of widows, orphans, and sick, RIGHT?

Well most of the help came out of the pockets of people who went to the church not the CHURCH itself.

I am totally supportive to all people who believe in a higher power and if it works for them, GREAT!

As for me I have on numerous occasions cried out to GOD and no help! Then I have people in my “ultra loving” family that say if you did the right, thing none of this would’ve happen?


That is why little children are born with cancer and they did nothing to deserve that, but wait it must of been the awful parents, they cursed their child right?


We are in control of our own destiny a super being doesn’t make or break us, it just gives us something to believe in or something to blame! That’s like believing in SANTA CLAUSE in his sleigh up in the sky, when never in my life have I ever seen a Deer FLY! If the world can make up stories that little gullible kids believe, why is it hard to believe you are not falling for it too!