Trapped in Reality of Hell



It seems like the world has no limitations to what is DONE, SAID or SHOWN.

Nothing is sacred anymore, as if it ever was in the first place?

Celebrities are the worst at this, craving attention to the point of naked “SLIP UPS” so to speak,

because we all know they do it on purpose! To vulgar activity and shameless acts of adultery.

Stunts from showing breasts, to way to much camel toe!


YES, but for them it’s another day of fame on the way up,

as their reputation plummets to an all time low.

Do they care?


Reality shows of comparing the size of their #2’s in the bathroom, to shaving their private areas right in front of the camera man….ANYTHING for RATINGS!

Disgusting behavior of farting, burping and vomiting can be found on almost every reality show out there.

It’s not just the reality stars sad to say it’s on T.V. shows, movies, HBO series, magazines, internet, and music videos!

This just didn’t happen over night it has been reoccurring for years, progressively getting worse as the time goes forward.

We seem to do nothing about it, just roll our eyes around and say: “OH WELL!”

Obviously I can’t block my children from the universe (even though I would LOVE to!)

We have to live with it, I guess, or do we?

The thing that aggravates me the most, is that NOT ONE PERSON OUT THERE IS STANDING UP FOR THEIR MORALS!!!

There is an easy fix to all of this…. stop watching their movies and TV shows, stop attending their concerts, stop buying their music and stop letting them WIN!

But, why would we do that? We crave gossip, were bored and want to fill our minds with garbage instead of something useful and educational.

Why not watch Documentary’s, SCI FI, Myth-busters, Antique roadshow, National geographic, Animal planet, Hallmark family channel, Old westerns, and Discovery channel.

Why not listen to music with inspirational messages, classical, blues, jazz, or modern, but with taste such as Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion, Adele, Matthew West, and Peter Furler.

Why not invest in REAL reading materials such as Encyclopedias, National Geographic Magazine, Health and fitness, Style, Languages, Travel,Technology, DIY, Recipes, Art, Crafts, Sewing and knitting, Child care, and Pets.

Are there really no other options in life, other than falling for GARBAGE?

We can change the way our kids view the world, we can make a better future and create a less VULGAR existence…it just takes a few steps and a moral mind. The people of this world will never change how they operate if not forced by a union of strong willed individuals.