Disgusting Behavior of a Priest or two or three or four……………all of them!


…. A boy runs into the arms of a lonely priest and says be with me, love me!


I have never been angered at such rubbish, as to what I heard on the news tonight!

A catholic priest basically saying, that little boys ask for it!!!!

See for yourself here….oh and his original statement was incredible saying: “Boys sometimes seduced him!”


There is no way in hey, that I would ever believe in that BULL!!!!

The comments drew criticism from all sides. A spokesman for New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, a longtime friend of Groeschel’s, denounced the remarks and the newspaper that ran the interview, the National Catholic Register, which is an EWTN affiliate, removed the interview and replaced it with an apology.



This is just utterly appalling and downright disturbing! 

This is why religion is so messed up, because men like that, are running it!!!!

What sickens me is that these parents that are so wrapped up in rosery beads, wafers, and being scared if they’re going to hell or not,  that they don’t even notice when their child is being groped and abused by a disgusting pedophile, of whom they are respecting and bowing to at every mass!

Obviously a child will show signs of something wrong even if they are ashamed of spitting it out! It’s our job to protect our children and to make sure that what we are believing in or practicing is in no way harming anyone that we love. So why hasn’t this stopped and why do people still go to these diseased environments, with sick mentally ill, unstable, psychotic priests!

Why do people feel bad for them and their habits….oh wait, I know why!!! 

They can commit any sin they want then go into a box and tell the priest all their dirty secrets, be forgiven and do it again, knowing that they will be forgiven next friday after work as soon as they spill it to their catholic buddy behind the screen!

So because anyone can be forgiven, JUST LIKE THAT (snapping my fingers like a genie)

the priests can rape children and confess, and you have to forgive them because you were forgiven! 

Now I understand the rules of the game! I just don’t want to play!

GOD HELP these ignorant, uneducated wrecks of human beings!!! 


Not PREPARED for having a child, ARE YOU!!!

I have been out of the loop for a while, BUT I’M BACK Baby!!!

I am almost certain you have heard all about this individual who not so long ago filmed her abortion then posted the video on facebook, stating that she was not ready for children!
HMMM?…. HANG ON TIGHT GUYS it’s going to be wild!!!!

First of all this lady is full of BULL!!! If you are not ready for a child or not wanting to have children then get a chastity belt honey, and stop looking for an easy way out!  I completely understand if a person decides to abort a child due to the following reasons…..

#1 If you were RAPED and make that decision on your own without people forcing you!

#2 If your doctor advises you to abort due to an illness that can not be operated on or disease that could kill the child and mother. (Being that it is in fact 100% deadly.)

I personally feel that abortion is a cop out for any other reason than mentioned above!

Many* (not all) woman now a days have absolutely no respect for life or relationships. Woman are so desperate to have a man ‘love them’  that they literally try to get pregnant to trap a man when in fact this man they are trying to trap just wanted a one night stand with an EASY lady! Then you have those mentally challenged individuals who purposely have as many children as they possibly can to get sympathy from the government or to be supported in the future by their children, good luck with that! Then you have the insecure abused woman who is forced to provide her husband with a SON and she keeps popping out daughters! Unfortunately there are also those prostitutes who will sleep with anything, that don’t care whether or not they use protection (Honestly their disgusting behavior should never have an option to be protected by a condom.)Basically condoms CONDONE bad behavior!!! (Interesting name CONDOM? Hmm!)

The point here….If you are married, have children happily without any judgement! If you are having (what I call promiscuous) fun, and find yourself pregnant, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR DUMB NON THOUGHT OUT CHOICES! If you are popping out kids for that boy that you have always wanted but are getting girls, BE HAPPY WITH YOUR GIRLS AND STOP TRYING TO BE GOD BY TAKING LIVES!

I strongly disagree with taking a life, do the right thing, because it could come back to you far worse in the future when you want a child and ruined your chances.

Are you wearing BUTT PADS?

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Here is a blog post from Potion for Heart click the link above for more! 
Not everyone will agree with me on this one, but try to have an open mind as well as a little maturity!
We all come in different sizes….Tall, short, thick, thin, chubby, bony, average, busty, hippy and many more!
The thing is you need to make what you have work and the only way to do that is to wear what goes with your BODY, not what you wish your body would look like!
Lets get specific…. If you are a size 10 don’t try to squeeze into a size 1. Common sense!
If you are a woman age 35 don’t try to dress like your 21!

If you have NO BOOBS don’t try wearing two or three bra’s to look bigger? REALLY??
Men notice, if you strip down and he is going to wonder where the rest of your boob went?
Same goes for the ladies who wear Butt Pads, REALLY?

It looks nice with clothing on, but looks like Tyler Perry’s Madea with clothes off!!! 
Look there is someone for everyone out there!
You need to embrace the parts of you that you don’t like…. and exaggerate the beautiful parts….are you with me?

Let’s explain……
Personally I don’t like my nose, never have and probably never will, BUT I can tolerate my eyes, SO I wear makeup that opens, brighten and pops the eyes therefore taking most of the attention away from my defective nose!
Like Men, for example they wear colorful boxers with fire flames going up the back to hide that they have no BUTT at all!
Okay, all joking aside, lets start loving ourselves and finding one thing that we can display better to be able to carry ourselves with more confidence.

Could I get a little HELP, here???

Whatever happened to the thought of helping someone without the intension of receiving something in return?
Why is it that the majority of people that help do it out of pity or under terms and conditions?
Is there in existence anyone out there that genuinely cares for the well being of their fellow man?

Two photographs stained my memory a while back, one of them a white child and a black child hugging, both no older than three and it read below:
“These children were NOT born racist, they were taught by society and religion.”
The second photograph was a picture of a bald, tall muscular man wearing a red muscle shirt, full sleeve tattoos, blue ripped jeans and chains hanging from his belt. Next to this picture was another photograph of the same man at work in his white coat and stethoscope…..to my surprise, he was a doctor!

Now those photographs painted a powerful picture of a horrible fact on how our world operates and views each other! If we were never taught to believe in other people’s HATES we would never be such a non helping society!

This got me thinking not only is there a problem with acceptance, but there is a major problem with the way people decide to help others, by factoring in status, economic class, last names, sexuality and much more.





We are so quick to judge, and slow help a person out, that might be more like us than we want to admit!
When I personally was in need of help, the people that came to my aid were not even close to what I expected. Being brought up in a Christian church I had my judgmental ways of thinking and boy oh boy was I mislead!

It turned out that my “Fellow Christians” were the last to help, and the very people I was taught to avoid and otherwise not associate with, do to conflicts of belief, ended up HELPING ME???
Well this left me with my jaw on the floor, feeling quite ridiculous for thinking all I was told to believe, was not even close to reality!

Out of all the generous, unselfish, beautiful, humble, people that helped me 90% of them were Catholic and the other 10% were complete strangers with little or no money, but the BIGGEST of HEARTS!
It seems that those who are less fortunate are moved to help more than those who have more than enough too help, WHY?
Those who have nothing, value what they have and how hard they worked to obtain it, therefore appreciating it more than someone who was handed money since their first words were spoken. 
I am in no way saying that those who are upper class didn’t work hard to get there, but I notice that these people are more likely to turn you down in fear that by helping you they will end up broke!

Sadly my friends gave me excuses, my family basically said: “If you stayed in the church this would’ve never happened!”…..OKAY?

My own church that I grew up in wasn’t inclined to help either!
My situation is basically another blog entirely, but my point remains that, help is becoming extinct more than the animals..

So…. how did society become so self-centered and unemotional to the needs of other’s?
I hate to say it, but man’s teachings, separation of culture, religion, economical class, racist cults, greed, along with a long list of other reasons, is why people just don’t care to share!

Society is made up of many different clusters of economic class:
Here are a few……

~Lower Class (people who are looked down upon for having very little and barely being able to eat or sustain humble living conditions)…….

My Lower Class Definition: HUMBLE, Kindhearted people with a story, who are willing yet unable to help others or themselves when in need, but miraculously find a way through working their fingers to the bone.

~Middle Class (people who work extremely hard to be able to pay their loans, while they live in a somewhat comfortable apartment or small home with high mortgage)

My Middle Class Definition: Hardworking Overtaxed people who literally bust their butts off to have what they have and know the importance of saving and being responsible, wanting to help and usually end up helping, while being afraid of falling behind and not being able to catch up again!

~Upper Class (people who live ultra comfortable lives having more than one home. A business or two run by employees as they vacation 3 to 6 months out of the year and spend summer’s in private homes in exotic locations)

My Upper Class Definition: People who accuse others with lower economic class of being ignorant and uneducated without knowing their story, therefore not helping as a part of teaching them a lesson. Investing money and sharing a very small percentage to charities as not to be looked upon badly by society. They tip small, spend largely and could care less about humanity or our crumbling world.


I challenge you to invite in a stranger for a bowl of soup, drive up to a homeless person without judging and hand them more than just change, give that lady who is walking home in the rain a ride, open your Eyes, NOTICE, Heart, LOVE, and Mind, OPEN. Help thos that are less fortunate, no matter who they are, where they came from, what belief’s they have, or what color their skin is.
Let’s make someone’s life a little brighter this holiday season, and every other day of the years forever and always. Peace and Love, FancyJ London 

Cases of Injustice!

We all are hearing so much about …Treyvon Martin… these past few days and sadly this is something that coincides with all that I describe here in my Blog and still have much, much more to say!
This case violently rocks the stomach of many, I being one!!!

This feeling of complete anger and disgust for our judicial system is only the beginning, my question is, where was/is “God” ……..?

Of course many would give the oldest speech in the book, “God has his reasons.”

Okay…..wait just a cotton picking minute!!!
“EVIL” has his reasons, now that sounds more believable!

I hate to repeat myself, but there are too many cases of injustice not only in the court room, but through the government, religion, work force, schools/universities, hospitals, entertainment industry, and not to mention out on the street all over the world.

People speak of “Honor” even the president himself speaks of it, where is honor in all of this?

The curb on gun violence will not stop VIOLENCE, will not bring back TREYVON, and will not fix what is wrong with this country and it’s twisted beliefs!!!

You want an example of peace and unity?

JAPAN …….We are far from being an example, yet because we have nuclear weapons we are feared, but not in any way respected! We are the worst country for our awful injustices and horrible practices. We stick our nose into all that is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS and take what does not belong to us while killing others to get it! (Like IRAQ)

This nation is not under “GOD” it is under ‘EVIL”!

All I can say is it is a tragedy that so many americans are so unaware or just plain ignorant to even care!!!


This Bible, That Bible, BIBLE!!!!

The Kardashian’s say it often, B I B L E!!!!! To me the Bible is ONE book, but wait there is more than one version. One of my adoring followers asked where I was reading the scriptures from???

KING JAMES, LIVING, HEBREW, or maybe in another language perhaps, that would be more understandable or would it?

If there are over 30 versions of the Bible how do you know which one is the right one?

Bible versions are basically translated to fit what people think it means or what fits what they think they want to hear!

Which brings me back to my point of….How many religions there are and which one is the one? There is no right or wrong answer, you go where you feel like going and you read what you feel you can understand! RIGHT? or Wrong?

Keep the comments coming, Love it!!!

We Pay for Eve’s Betrayal?

Yes we all heard it from elementary school and up, from parents and friends to churches and books, the story of Adam and Horrible Eve!

According to the Bible Eve took from the forbidden tree of Good and Evil and God banished her from the Garden of Eden with Dumb Adam for listening to her.

Then not only did God banish them, but God was so utterly devastated by her betrayal that he lost his Merciful, loving, Godly mind and said that Eve will suffer, her kids will suffer and their kids and their kids and so on and so forth! So that is why I suffer, RIGHT?

That is why all women suffer, why didn’t God just punish her only? He is loving and merciful….NO?

Is this who you believe to be our God? It sounds more Evil to me? Then again I can’t speak for everyone, but I seriously think that everyone suffers in life, things happen, accidents, death, life, volcano’s, earthquakes and much, much, more! I don’t think that has anything to do with EVE! It has a lot more to do with how we treat the planet, than some curse God put on humanity!