Disgusting Behavior of a Priest or two or three or four……………all of them!


…. A boy runs into the arms of a lonely priest and says be with me, love me!


I have never been angered at such rubbish, as to what I heard on the news tonight!

A catholic priest basically saying, that little boys ask for it!!!!

See for yourself here….oh and his original statement was incredible saying: “Boys sometimes seduced him!”


There is no way in hey, that I would ever believe in that BULL!!!!

The comments drew criticism from all sides. A spokesman for New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, a longtime friend of Groeschel’s, denounced the remarks and the newspaper that ran the interview, the National Catholic Register, which is an EWTN affiliate, removed the interview and replaced it with an apology.



This is just utterly appalling and downright disturbing! 

This is why religion is so messed up, because men like that, are running it!!!!

What sickens me is that these parents that are so wrapped up in rosery beads, wafers, and being scared if they’re going to hell or not,  that they don’t even notice when their child is being groped and abused by a disgusting pedophile, of whom they are respecting and bowing to at every mass!

Obviously a child will show signs of something wrong even if they are ashamed of spitting it out! It’s our job to protect our children and to make sure that what we are believing in or practicing is in no way harming anyone that we love. So why hasn’t this stopped and why do people still go to these diseased environments, with sick mentally ill, unstable, psychotic priests!

Why do people feel bad for them and their habits….oh wait, I know why!!! 

They can commit any sin they want then go into a box and tell the priest all their dirty secrets, be forgiven and do it again, knowing that they will be forgiven next friday after work as soon as they spill it to their catholic buddy behind the screen!

So because anyone can be forgiven, JUST LIKE THAT (snapping my fingers like a genie)

the priests can rape children and confess, and you have to forgive them because you were forgiven! 

Now I understand the rules of the game! I just don’t want to play!

GOD HELP these ignorant, uneducated wrecks of human beings!!! 


20 comments on “Disgusting Behavior of a Priest or two or three or four……………all of them!

    • I am blunt,speak the truth, no sugar coating here. I just have to say it out, and I appreciate people like you, who feel strongly about issues like this we need to stand together against false religions and ungodly behaviors!
      I am so angry that this has gone on so long its horrific and uncalled for! Thank you for you reblog!

      • no problem….
        i actually think that governments are too afraid to deal with those people, in the way they should…simply because of the massive unimaginable wealth, the vatican has….their Jesuits have tentacles in a lot of governments…and they have economic power as well as banking…
        theyve been murdering people for centuries…
        The conquistadors, the inquisitions,(land grabs off so called heretics )..
        The vatican is evil…EVIL..
        Revelation 17 ( KJV )

        and take my word for it..
        Im understating it !!

      • Now, I couldn’t have it better! 🙂
        It’s a horrible world!
        It is imperative that we use our voices, because that is all the power we have left with them stripping us of all our other rights, well it’s not like we had many to begin with though…. love your blog, am thoroughly diving in at the moment…

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  2. Thank you for the follow..great blog here.
    I was raised Catholic, I turned my back on religion., This subject is awful here. I will share one day,,,I am half Scottish/Irish
    In Scotland many,, like me keep God close, but lose religion. People ruin religion, This video, if I can share is the famous Billy Connolly on this subject. Warning, Scottish culture alert,,

    Thank you
    Shaun….ps: love your thinking, enjoy these 2 videos, as I say, Scottish humour,,its raw! lol


    • Thank you Shaun,
      I will look at them. I love exploring different cultures, it great for opening your mind!
      Yes, sadly religion isn’t God! It’s man wanting power. I just believe that common sense is the best self religion a person can have!

  3. It is appalling and disgusting.We must protect any defenseless child, elderly, or ill persons against predators such as these by exposing them and prosecuting…not moving them to the next place to do again under the guise of being a trusted cleric. Thank you for speaking out. And thanks for visiting my blog as well.

  4. Love… Your nonsuperficiality is renewing to the Spirit! The 2012 Alex Gibney documentary,”Mea Maxima Culpa”, Silence in the house of god is spot on w\ your blog! Born to a pedophile,abused @ home brot up sexually abused in a catholic all boys school gave me much abuse & a mother equally as abusive. Both deny to this day! Karmically, it all awakened the means to a positive purpose in service of humanity, particularly precious little beings and womyn. Happy to FEEL your presence here. In Truth, Shubhrananda Swami Psy.D.

  5. I hope you don’t mind that I have copied the article below from my blog of a few weeks ago. WHY DO PEOPLE BELIEVE THIS RUBBISH?????

    Well it is Sunday again and shortly I will be off to church! However, some of the things I read and hear these day really makes me wonder about my faith. You may have an impression that I’m anti Catholic, especially considering my upbringing in Northern Ireland where no tolerance between Catholic and Protestant faiths existed. You would be wrong, I try very hard to be an understanding and tolerant person. My problem arises when I read about a Catholic Bishop who believes he can exorcize not only one gay person but apparently a whole city, maybe he could exorcize the pedophiles from the priesthood while he’s at it. !!!!! My problem arises when I hear the health minister of Northern Ireland state the obvious….. The natural progression of life is through a man and a woman, Duh. Now isn’t that an amazing and informative piece of knowledge, who would have thought?. Where do these people come from?? they surely can’t be from planet Earth. I realize we can interpret the Bible in many many different ways, and that’s okay until we try to tell others that our interpretation is the only correct one. I don’t know if Edwin Poots, health minister for N.I is catholic or protestant nor do I care. Neither Poots or Patrocki represent a church or faith that could fill its pews with caring Christians. Shame on both of them.
    God Bless and keep reading.

  6. Christ’s call to forgiveness was not a “get out of jail free card” to absolve someone from responsibility. God’s gift of eternal life does not negate the promise that the wages of sin is death, both spiritually and physically. These priests should be held to society’s consequence and that consequence in my opinion should include the option of the death penalty for the serial child rapist even as they are forgiven if they seek forgiveness.

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