Man, Woman, …DIRT? 

I just “LOVE” all this talk about women’s rights! Don’t get me wrong, I am all for equality! The problem with equality is, women want to do some things that men are stronger and more capable of. Generally men perform jobs that women would never be able to do unless they had the body mass index necessary to do so, that is.
Ladies do you forget who we designate to take out the trash, who shovels snow, and who changes our flat on the side of the road? The majority of heavy occupational work goes to the male worker, not the female. I can hear you thinking, well, we push out babies! Yes, that is hard and we were built to hold and deliver a baby or two. Men were built to work, lift, protect, build, drive long distances, and put up with daily nagging. Men are built to focus on one task at hand, they are not machines. 

Women on the other hand spin at 100 miles an hour trying to finish, fix, create, simplify, schedule, educate, clean, cook, work, care, pamper, and the list goes on. Just because women were built to multi-task doesn’t mean that they should now pick up a mans job. 
So, where does all of this Man, Woman, he, she, it… come from? 
LABELS, exactly that! We as “Humans” are separated from one another with an overall name to specify an individual into one category. 

I would like to be called DIRT! Yes, you read that right! I am a firm believer in human rights, and equal pay, but I am not supportive of equality in the workforce, seriously? So, you are going to ask me to lift a 250lb box and put it into the back of that truck? That is when I would call over a “Man!” 
I personally think we tend to take equality a bit too far these days. 

We are humans who all rose from the same DIRT, we are not man, woman, it, we are DIRT. Now, the trick in life is to not treat each other like dirt. That is the true meaning behind equality. Labels, tags, and numbers, are harmful, cruel, and inhumane. They are meant for products in your local store, not for a person. 
This can be fixed by just using our names right? No, not exactly. Many people have the same name because of the lack of originality I guess. My birth name is extremely common. Which makes it hard to separate yourself from many others like you. This is why the government gave us all a nine digit number. 
What would have been great for the government to do is every time a baby is born put the name in a database where the name cannot be used again, that would force some serious imagination! We would no longer be compared to another person with that same name “Becky with the good hair!” I know a lot of Becky’s! 

If you had a choice while in the womb to pick your sexuality, name, and religion, what would you choose? I think I shall stick to Dirt for now until I discover my answer. 
“Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” -Genesis 2:7


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