Talent? What’s that?

Oh I know…..

Electronically altered voices, crazy screaming women, insane lyrics, and devilish men frightening you half to death with their deeper than deep evil voices! Repetitive lyrics that tell you the same thing over a hundred times, so you never forget the song, EVER! Made up words like “shawty”, “isht”, “waka waka”, and my favorite “fa shizzle my nizzle”!

Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Album makes me roll my eyes a bit, with that lovely worded song… “Bow Down B******!”… and President Obama likes her music? Hmm?

Back to what the industry thinks, is REAL talent….

I encountered this song, that apparently is all the rage! Ylvis the lead voice’s face was emotionless as he sang animals noises and jumped around screaming calls of the wild! All I could do was SMH! (Shake My Head)

If you dare, here is the link to this insane song…..enjoy 😛 “What does the fox say”

Now the shocking thing, (okay not that shocking considering this world is full of people who know nothing of TALENT) THIS SONG ALREADY HAS 1,917,914 LIKES ON YOUTUBE????

If I wanted to hear something funny or intentionally horrible for just a laugh, I would listen to Wierd Al Yankovic, Veggies Tales or Parry grip’s songs about waffles, iphones and vegetables.

Now a days music is a JOKE!

Such as: Squealing Britney Spears, Bipolar Nicki Minaj, Repeat it 100 times Rihanna,

Crazy Korean Psy, Mr. World wide Pitbull, Confused Drake, Angry Lil Wayne and those who are very controversial

People are becoming famous by singing meaningless absurd JUNK and getting paid some serious cash????

I need to come up with a few totally random bipolar songs and get that house in Dubai!

SO, what ever happened to meaningful lyrics, soulful tunes, and beautiful voices that were real, not running through a machine to sound like a robot.

(Auto Tuned)… Like This, Rolling my eyes!

Where did the violins, saxophones, piano and guitar solos go?

What is most shameful is, no one cares how raunchy, disgusting, sex filled, and down right inappropriate many lyrics are, they accept it or ignore it, but never raise their voices to say how they are outraged by refusing to buy and download it all together!

Do you know that your kids are listening to things either in school, on YouTube, by FaceBook copy paste, or borrowing iPods from friends that have songs that you would choke up and pass out if you heard what the songs say or insinuate…. such as ” We Can’t Stop” By Miley Cyrus Where she sings proudly; “Somebody here might get some now”…. or Selena Gomez “Come & Get It” the title says enough. Is this great or what? Hey kids, go have fun with everybody, anybody, lose respect and get used up!!!! It’s bad enough these “KIDS” making albums are acting like strippers and whores with their songs, dress, an attitudes. You can’t let your children listen if you can’t listen first and then tell them what is wrong. Let them listen, not just to the beat, but get them to notice the words and teach them to find better lyrical music.

Personally my daughter is 13 and hears a lot of music, she came to me horrified that Miley Cyrus was in her words; “Butt Naked on a big ball acting crazy!” She also said; “I don’t understand why people have to swear so much and talk about bad stuff like its nothing!”

When I think about what my daughter, many kids and adults alike have to say about this generation of UNGODLY music, I guess “What Does The Fox Say” lyrically isn’t that bad!

When I was young I loved listening to:

Patsy Cline (Crazy) Roy Orbison (Bridge Over Troubled Water)

ABBA (Chiquitita) Michael Jackson (Earth Story)

Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Ray Charles, and many bands such as Boston, Chicago, Journey, Van Halen and of course the classical music like Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart that helped me study after school!

I respect that everyone has different tastes and times change, making it harder to keep going with the same old same old. Don’t get me wrong I love Katy Perry’s new album Prism. I am not a fan of everything she has put out there, but her latest album has a deeper meaning and is more lyrical as well as her putting her emotions out there with her song ” By the grace of God” which she covered live and sang with her heart. There is barely any of that left in music anymore.

I really enjoy music from Adele, Avril Lavigne, Cranberries, Lady Antebellum, Demi Lovato (Sky Scraper), NickelBack, Colplay, Lifehouse, Matthew West, Jason Gray, and many more.

I also follow the American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson and have to say, what a powerful voice and extremely well written songs. The odd thing with her albums is I can relate to every single album she has written in the year it was released as if she was writing my life story.

That’s how you know these singers are real and talented, when they touch something in you, whether it be a memory, an event, the perfect wedding song, or just a picker upper, music is meant to twist your emotions for the good or the bad which ever it may be and if you feel nothing, then its not worth listening to!

Let me leave you with Lorde’s Song “Royals” where she basically says how these people in the music world are, and sums it up pretty well!

I hope now you will think about what your listening to, because it’s not just about the beat!


5 comments on “HELP! MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!!!

  1. Fa shizzle ma nizzle! I was listening to Selena Gomez’s when reading your post, I just had to laugh at myself. You are so right, on all accounts! I tried the other day to listen to Miley Cyrus just to see if she made any sense on the album and I had to be rushed to the hospital for bleeding profusely from the ears, and being dumber for it. *shakes head* silly me, right?!

  2. J, You know I totally agree with everything you have stated here… but I must disagree with you on “What does the Fox Say” I think it is brilliant.

    Why do I say that?

    I say it because it is based on the tradition of the old “SKAT” music from the jazz greats of the 20s through the 40s. It is very phonetic. (Can you tell I am a retired grade-school teacher and a lover of Jazz? 😉 )

    From Merriam Webster we are given this definition of SCAT:
    “to improvise nonsense syllables usually to an instrumental accompaniment : sing scat”

    Some of the greatest of Jazz legends have sung it, and in some cases whole pieces were composed of it. To a lesser degree even Bing Crosby used it to his advantage when he forgot the words to a song one time on stage “Bo-boo-bo-boobubu…”

    I know this style, or in your opinion lack of style, is not for everyone. However, in the world of music, this is historically based in the black experience and in jazz as a medium. That Ylvis tapped into that, intentionally or no, is amazing! That he took the form and re imagined it into a modern musical style is, I’ll say it again, brilliant. I find the piece childlike and lighthearted.

    Here are some links to a few Jazz Greats singing scat:

    Again, it is not for everyone! 😀

    I know you just began following me yesterday. Thank you! I do hope you don’t mind me jumping in with both feet like this.

    • I enjoyed reading your comment and I am not a hater of What does the fox say but I feel that music is losing its lyrics and becoming idiotic and repetitious. I am a fan of The Rippingtons and many Jazz groups, but I chose to mention a few things as not to bore my readers. I could make a list a mile long of many types of genres, singers and performers that I thoroughly respect and enjoy but sadly most of them are dead or no longer making music…others have been overshadowed but newer artists. That’s my take on the subject. I thank you Lynda for stopping by and for your honest reply. Happy blogging.

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