The elderly belong in Prison!!!


My Grandmother is 96 years old and is being treating horribly in a nursing home located in HyannisMA. She is a retired Veteran who served our country and received a medal of honor for her help in cracking codes from German submarines… real story and you can find out more by reading about:

The fact is she is unable to walk, suffered two strokes, and is basically being ignored as she sits serving a horrible unjustified sentence of torture in a wheelchair. I am furious at the care she NEVER receives when she should be treated better for being who she is!!!

So I have an IDEA!

This is what you get in prison?

~ Clean fresh smelling hallways

~ Shower everyday

~ Video surveillance in case of problems

~ Three meals a day

~ Access to a library

~ Computers

~ Television

~ Gym

~ Basketball court outside

~ Doctors on site

~ Free Medication

~ Pay NOTHING from your Social Security Check

~ Clean rooms and bed sheets

~ Packages delivered from loved ones, with money and baked goods

~ Visits more than once a month

This is what you get in a nursing home?

~ Shower every third day

~ Cold meals and small servings

~ Hallways that smell of dirty diapers and urine

~ Bugs growing under your bed

~ Things stolen or “Misplaced”

~ Stuck in the same position for days in a wheelchair

~ Better care if you’re from money

~ No care if you’re a Veteran

~ Rent out of your social security check of $5000 monthly

~ Given drugs to shut you up, but not help the problem

~ One Nurse on each floor with over 200 elderly people

~ Attendants that never answer the phone

~ Health aids that don’t do anything, but check their Facebook

~ Lights off at 7pm

~ You never go outside, just roam the hallways crowded with wheelchairs

So why don’t we DO THIS!!!

Place the elderly in prison and the criminals in nursing homes!

Problem Solved!!

The elderly are our founders our very foundation that brought us to where we are today, why are we allowing them to suffer when they should be exaulted!


19 comments on “The elderly belong in Prison!!!

  1. MA has to have some sort of overseeing authority.
    Have you had any luck calling them (every hour until they say they’ve passed on the message, every thirty min until they say they’re doing something about it, every 15 min until they do) and demanding they do something about the facility?

    And thank you to your grandmother for her service.

  2. Oh my goodness! I’m shocked! The elders get a shower every third day? It all sounds so horrible! Prison sounds much better for them. And yes. It’s funny how prisoners seem to be living in greater comforts! Weird world we live in.

  3. Prison definitely sounds good; I should try to get there now instead of waiting for old age. Unfortunately, I live in Germany, and in this country, prison is the most difficult place to get into. Think I’ll move to NY next week.

  4. Hello, Jaqueline,

    Your “elderly in prison” column is a riot. And too true.

    I want to say thanks for following me at

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    And thank you so much, again, for being one of the faithful.

    Best regards,
    Roger White
    “This Old Spouse”

  5. BRILLIANT!!!! I am currently helping to care for my 89 year old father, WWII veteran, at home. We will keep him at home as long as we possibly can, my mother and I. If he has to go into a nursing home we will be there every day to make sure he is properly cared for. Unfortunately, most elderly don’t have family who can do that for them, so they ought to be in JAIL!!! BRILLIANT!!!!

  6. I’m with you on this one. Just today in the news there’s a care home facing closure for the abysmal standard of their “care”. Meanwhile, two prisons are getting their own radio stations and low-risk prisoners are looking at getting more internet access!

  7. You are coming through loud and clear. Unfortunately, those who need to hear this (read that accept responsibility) have no interest in doing so. Add it to the very long list of National Shame!
    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs! I do hope you continue to enjoy the posts.
    But most of all, keep telling it like it is!

  8. I’m not totally sure how many prisons you’ve visited but in my opinion (and I’ve been to quite a few) but it’s hardly the panacea that your mom deserves after serving our country. I’m so sorry that she is not being well taken care of, that must really break your heart!! So glad you’re following What Gives!!

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