If you could rule the world, what would you do first?

Having that much power could definitely get to someone’s head leading them into evil when they probably started with the greatest of intentions.

Everyone unless they are mentally disturbed want a better world that is fair, just, and peaceful, but sadly it just isn’t that way!
Not everyone is on the same page or even in the same book!
Some fight for power, control, and popularity. While other fight for peace, tranquility, and another meal.
Many of us are famous for saying “IF ONLY” I had a chance to change the world…. and I can see it now, they get the crown the golden scepter and then say; Uh what do I do now?
There are so many things wrong with this world that I am afraid no one would no where to start!
Is there a solution?
I wonder what would happen if each one of over 7 billion people who populate our planet (except babies of course) did one thing to change the world, we could do way more than the United Nations and United States could ever even think of doing!
Think of this…. If we designed a global foundation that could be collected to help the needs of poverty stricken countries, provide medicine, give more to scientific research facilities to help with finding more cures at a faster rate, aid in preservation of our lands, help animals from going extinct, create factories to help purify the air and water instead of adding to the contamination, build cars only run by solar light, and much more…. each one of us would donate one dollar to this global foundation every six months which would sum up to about 14billion dollars a year. This money would not go to the government, not be used in war and definitely not go to give prisoners more comforts!
Don’t get me started on prisons!!!

Ok so you guys are probably thinking we already pay taxes and SocialSecurity why pay more?
Well that money you never see!
Yes, the governments build bridges, buildings, fix roads, pay public schools, shelters and medical care.
BUT…. Most of these projects are not really helping anyone and are minimal care versus the care we hard working citizens deserve!
I know and hate to admit that this may never happen, but I can keep dreaming, can’t I?



5 comments on “IF ONLY!

  1. would this global foundation be run by people? then how is it different then any other organization designed to solve the injustices in the world, people are looking to the wrong source for solutions to injustice, oppression corruption poverty, wars, enviromental degradation nd the like.

    • No people should run other people that’s how we got into this mess is the first place, I feel that we all have to come together and unite for the justice of us all doing our equal parts and sharing in the weight of responsibility!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reading my blog I value everyone’s opinions and appreciate your insight!

      • but people are the problem, you and I are no better at holding power even if limited to do any better than the ones who manage to get into power (ever see videos and photos of the united nations for example? they have thousands possibly 10s of thousands of people all sharing power) so you have all these heads getting together to accomplish something and yet they still get corrupted and cannot manage even the simplest judgement call that is actually just. we don’t have the ability to rule over ourself let alone others whether that power is a small amount or large amount and you have to factor in sin inborn inclination to wrongdoing, the bad motives and pride found in people and I cannot see how millions of people can ever agree on eveln the simplest goals and how to achieve them in a just fair manner. everyone has a different idea what right and wrong is, and agreement is impossible if all share power equally. I have my opinion on how things should be you have yours the guy next door has his and on and on and neither shall they meet in the same place if you know what I mean. not saying your idea is not a noble one, many people over the years come up with all kinds of noble ideas that alot of people can agree with and give support trouble is there will always be people who are ambitious, greedy selfish who are more interested in securing their own power and wealth at the expense of others nad these are not few innumber, I bet half of the poor people of the world would fall into this category if given a chance because they have been so poor, so oppressed and so abused that this is the example they have (you know act like others act) many rich people fall into this category. what is required is not an organization of justice but a world where people have cultivated love for rightousness and justice and these people are few in number who wish to cultivate it given the chance, (that is why Jesus said few are on the narrow road to life) board and spacious is hte road to destruction and many are the ones on it, (matt 7)this means the majority of people are not interested in changes that require them to change, but rather they want changes that fit what they want which is not always for the benefit of all equally. do you know what I mean? I am glad there are still people out there who are sighing and groaning over the detestable things going on in the world (especially in christendom) because christendom claims to be christian and yet does not act like it. you obviously have enough love for rightousness and justice to be concerned and wishing for answers for a just and right solution.

      • Thank you Roberta, I totally get what your saying…. And that’s why I named my post “If Only” because it is indeed a battle we need a higher power to conquer. 🙂

  2. If I could rule the world, the first thing I’d do is change the political system to one of direct democracy, based on a strong but not autocratic constitution, with a government that were the people’s servants (not its masters). Laws could be proposed by anyone in or out of government, and if they gather enough support, would be put to the vote. And more of that in my anarcho-social-democratic republic.

    Having set up such a system, I’d resign, take a well-deserved retirement and write my memoirs. I’d call them ‘Memoirs of a Failed Totalitarian’.

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