Pass it on!

This is a small, but meaningful post I would like you think about and ponder……

You have all heard it through the years, people passing stories down from generation to generation and some how the story starts to change along the way leaving grandchildren and great grandchildren bickering over what did or did not happen, when it happened, where it happened and who it happened to! Leaving people confused and carrying on a story from the past that has been totally reconstructed to what they “Thought” happened when the real truth is already in the grave with the real person it happened to that they never met!

So, that leads to my point that religion is based on a BOOK filled with stories that did or did not happen in a time we all were never around to verify and told to us by people who wrote what they heard and passed it down for us to try and translate, altercate, or destruct!

What is your take?


2 comments on “Pass it on!

  1. I think the Bible and other religious texts are meant to be read for the wisdom and insight into the human condition they contain, as well as insights into how to live better lives and how to connect with something higher than ourselves. They shouldn’t be taken literally, but interpreted spiritually. I agree that when we take the stories as “gospel truth” or historical events we get into trouble, and it causes all sorts of conflicts in the world among families and nations and competing religions. But the “highest” teachings off all religions seem to say similar things: God is Love, Love one another, judge not, do good, live peacefully with one another, seek wisdom, know thyself, be good stewards of the Earth, seek your own godlike nature, know you are loved and important.

  2. Actually, the Bible goes a little further than that.
    There are some differences in translations that were deliberate changes from the texts they were copying.

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