Manipulation or Domination?

Manipulation or Domination?

“If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.” They call this the “engineering of consent” and proposed that “those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. . . . In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons . . . who pull the wires which control the public mind.”
What do you think?


December 25, 2013 · 2:56 am



FACEBOOK is now taking over in more ways than one, although I have been on facebook since 2009, I have come to know many things about these “CLIQUES” of social butterflies, (In the social sciences, a clique is a group of “persons who interact with each other more regularly and intensely than others in the same setting.”) that has made me become more and more disgusted with the mentality of many.

I absolutely hate to hear that kids are committing suicide, but I understand why. Everyday you see updates on how wonderful everyone’s life is…This friend just got married, that friend that is in rome, that person that just received a check for a million dollars, that woman who just lost 20 pounds not doing anything at all, and that family that always takes vacation together and are so happy….meanwhile you are in a horrible position in your life with no support and feeling depressed which makes it almost impossible to be happy for someone else. The only support your “FRIENDS” give you are cyber hugs or posters of inspiration.

Then you get those people that copy and paste other peoples quotes, and thoughts. Telling you how to live, giving you wisdom and knowledge, meanwhile not applying any of it to their own lives or forgetting them all together.

Facebook is creating problems in society and taking away our personal space, because we LET IT! Most workplaces require access to your facebook page and most accounts such as LInkedIn, Google+, Elance, and more link to your account making everything completely public. Which is okay if you are promoting your own business, book you are writing, websites or other work related things, but you should definitely be careful to not mix work with personal life due to all the unnecessary judgements that could be made against you. Of course there are ways you can fight this and live a normal happy life.

First of all before I continue… You must know these important definitions: Friend: a person of whom you Like, Trust, and Respect. Acquaintance: a person of whom you know, tolerate, and watch closely with precaution. Loved one: a person of whom you may rely on, love, completely trust,  is loyal, honest, selfless and unconditional.

So Facebook “Friends” are not necessarily your real friends!

I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with people in my past, family that have moved away, co-workers from that job way back when, friends from church were I grew up, and that Big group of followers in all the games I need help on.

BUT, you get those occasional “Friends” that you feel bad if you don’t accept them on your list, then creeps that seem to like every photo your in with scary comments that make you feel like it is necessary to block your location at all times or post things two weeks after it happened so they don’t end up accidentally meeting you in a public place someday!

Then you have those people that post T. M. I.  (To much information) STUFF, Such as “I am on the toilet right now updating my status!” (REALLY, like I wanted to know that?) …Shortly after uploading a photo of what they left in the toilet bowl. Yeah, that is when I decide to block them!

I absolutely hate when facebook recommends people you might know and show you numerous facebook accounts of half naked selfies or porn like photos!

I love (Being Sarcastic) how you get BLOCKED when you friend too many people, that you KNOW! Yet they DONOT block VULGAR activity!

The really frustrating thing for me personally, is when someone close to me becomes offended when I do not “LIKE” a picture of theirs, Comment on their status or Answer their inbox message fast enough… (BUT, THEY SEE THAT I AM ON CHAT) Sorry folks, I have a total of 2500 friends between three accounts and Well, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY FRIEND!!!!

I know what you’re thinking: “She has three accounts, say what?”

Account #1 is strictly CLOSE, Trustworthy friends and family

Account # 2 is strictly Business marketing, social contacts, and work.

Account # 3 is strictly Anonymous…. Explanation, If I want to join groups, local pages and or check up on my kids….this is how you do it!

I am not telling everyone to do this, but for me personally this is a healthier way for me to keep my life personal, due to all the changes occurring on facebook regularly, safety is a priority for me. I tell a lot of my friends to be careful when on Facebook, your location is automatically shown to everyone if you do not shut it off… on every message you send out, on every photo you upload and on every place ‘Friends” tag you in.

The real reason I am writing on this subject, is that Facebook WAS a really nice idea in the beginning, now it is filled with nosy gossiping people, stalkers, porn, annoying advertisements, viruses, hackers and more. To think my children are on Facebook (Without their real info. of course) I do everything in my power to protect my children and family, but sadly things slip by.

Lastly, (Because I could go on and on) people un-friend me all the time and guess what…

I DON’T CARE!!! If you let things like that affect you then you are going to have a lot of trouble in your life my FRIEND!



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Trapped in Reality of Hell






It seems like the world has no limitations to what is DONE, SAID or SHOWN.

Nothing is sacred anymore, as if it ever was in the first place?


Celebrities are the worst at this, craving attention to the point of naked “SLIP UPS” so to speak,

because we all know they do it on purpose! To vulgar activity and shameless acts of adultery.


Stunts from showing breasts, to way to much camel toe!


YES, but for them it’s another day of fame on the way up,

as their reputation plummets to an all time low.

Do they care?


Reality shows of comparing the size of their #2′s in the bathroom, to shaving their private areas right in front of the camera man….ANYTHING for RATINGS!

Disgusting behavior of farting, burping and vomiting can be found on almost every reality show out there.

It’s not just the reality stars sad to say it’s on T.V. shows, movies, HBO series, magazines, internet, and music videos!

This just didn’t happen over night it has been reoccurring for years, progressively getting worse as the time goes forward.

We seem to do nothing about it, just roll our eyes around and say: “OH WELL!”

Obviously I can’t block my children from the universe (even though I would LOVE to!)

We have to live with it, I guess, or do we?

The thing that aggravates me the most, is that NOT ONE PERSON OUT THERE IS STANDING UP FOR THERE MORALS!!!

There is an easy fix to all of this…. stop watching their movies and TV shows, stop attending their concerts, stop buying their music and stop letting them WIN!

But, why would we do that? We crave gossip, were bored and want to fill our minds with garbage instead of something useful and educational.

Why not watch Documentary’s, SCI FI, Myth-busters, Antique roadshow, National geographic, Animal planet, Hallmark family channel, Old westerns, and Discovery channel.

Why not listen to music with inspirational messages, classical, blues, jazz, or modern, but with taste such as Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion, Adele, Matthew West, and Peter Furler.

Why not invest in REAL reading materials such as Encyclopedias, National Geographic Magazine, Health and fitness, Style, Languages, Travel,Technology, DIY, Recipes, Art, Crafts, Sewing and knitting, Child care, and Pets.


Are there really no other options in life, other than falling for GARBAGE?

We can change the way our kids view the world, we can make a better future and create a less VULGAR existence…it just takes a few steps and a moral mind. The people of this world will never change how they operate if not forced by a union of strong willed individuals.






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Blog of the Year Award 2013

J Williams:

Thank you Sage Doyle for mentioning me in this award… I am beyond grateful and so happy to have made your acquaintance!

Originally posted on "The Journal of Wall Grimm":

I have been given the Blog of the Year 2013 Award from  Thank you so much!

Blog of The Year 2013 Award

I haven’t been accepting awards officially on my Sage Doyle blog, but once you see my acceptance here you may understand part of the reason why.  The hardest part is nominating other bloggers.  I don’t have much time for the process.  My process entails sorting through every single blog I’m following, and I’m always concerned I’ll leave someone out.  Well, I never bothered making my Wall Grimm blog award free because, to be honest, I never expected it to receive any awards.  But now that I have received my very first award for Grimm, I am intensely honored and I have to accept.

When it came down to the blogs that I wanted to award, again I was afraid I’d forget someone.  There have been a lot of invaluable people who have supported…

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The Indigena


There are many places in Mexico that are beautiful, but tragically there are also things that would turn your emotions into an explosive volcanic eruption of anger! Yet the government and the people of Mexico walk by these things daily not feeling any compassion at all!!

I lived in a small town just outside of Puebla, Mexico for a short while and saw such horrible things in the street everyday. The one thing that enraged me more than anything else was when I for the first time saw the ignorance of an Indigena. (Indian Persona of Mexico)

For those of you who are not familiar with the term Indigena, let me explain in my own words from my personal experience. These people are survivors of the wild so to speak, poor and very uneducated, but in no way dumb. They live humble lives and dress as if the world never changed. They’re not use to modernization and are very satisfied with staying within their culture. They dress in clothing they make themselves which are very colorful and layered. The women usually have long hair that they braid into two pigtails and wrap their infants in large scarves usually on their backs or sometimes swung low in the front below their chest. They sometimes are seen carrying baskets on their heads and are very well known for begging in the streets. They are not the cleanest due to living in such poor conditions such as the mountains or sleeping on the streets. They generally wash up at local grocery stores or you can find them digging in the garbage in the stall next to you. Their smell is horrible when you walk past them, their children also look filthy and covered in dirt. Even though their condition of living are quite shameful, they stick together. They are tolerated by many people and by the Mexican government, but in no way, helped! I kind of think of them as Gypsy’s.

Personally I strongly feel that these people could in fact be helped. The thing that worries me the most is their lack of knowledge on important things such as hygiene and manners. They could easily cause anyone around them who is already sick, harm. Many of them do not wash up and I have seen them use the bathrooms and leave without going near the sink. The government has a program DIF, that is somewhat like welfare and they turn a blind eye to these people! They use this program to help poor people that are considered ‘NORMAL” versus these people who are stuck in the past.

While there are many Indigenas, not all are innocent, uneducated, poor beings. Sadly there are those who abuse to collect money, these Indigenas are VERY BAD PEOPLE! The government does nothing to protect the children involved in these horrific scams!

So what scams am I referring to?

I for the first time saw an Indigena with her child strapped to a wheelchair screaming, flailing her arms and legs around trying to free herself, (Obviously the child was not handicapped) as her mother ate infront of her hungry, soiled in urine child! At that moment I walked past to wittness the mother pinch the child in the side below her ribcage twisting her skin almost all the way around causing the child to cry loudly in anguish. People that saw this fell for the scam and placed a few pesos in a small plate infront of the wheelchair on the ground. My anger swelled up into my throat I was furious with this woman, I wanted to choke that last breath out of her and tie her up to a chair!!!! I wanted to free this little precious girl that was born into such a horrible existence and take her with me! Instead I kept walking like everyone else, thinking I can’t give money to such a woman knowing it isn’t going to the child at all!!! The police do nothing, because these people are allowed to pay a spot on the street to do this, and sometimes they are owned by bosses that pay to find crippled, blind, and helpless children, using them for profit!

Since then I have seen far to many of these situations and I am sickened that the government doesn’t put an end to it! I am trying hard to find a way to help here in Mexico and I believe I will!


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Tiny Buttons and Long Crimson Thread

J Williams:

Have you read my other blog yet? Check out my other talents on Fancy’s Full Spectrum and enjoy! :)

Originally posted on Fancy'sFullSpectrum:

Crimson Thread

A journey can never be predetermined,

Destiny can never be known before hand,

Birth is by chance and tiny miracles,

Death is unknown to those who want to live,

Life goes on for those who care to be gone,

and tiny buttons connected to long crimson thread,

were meant to intertwine for reasons unknown through time.

Meeting those who suffer, those who are rich,

those who care, and those who don’t,

those who judge, and those who have faith,

those who impress, and those who are distressed,

those who cry in the middle of the night, those who dance in the moonlight,

those who are near, those who are far,

those of envy, those without fear,

those who protect, those who abuse,

those who endlessly give and those who always lose,

those who whisper behind your back,

those who accept you JUST LIKE THAT!

Our threads cross and tangle with…

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I see this every day people making things and selling them dirt cheap,

never calculating what it took to make it in the first place, leaving them unprofitable!

Let’s break it down…..

We shall use a padded chair for an example.

To make your chair you need:

Wood (Delivery costs if you don’t have a truck), screws, bolts, washers, wood glue, stain, paint thinner, lacquer, foam,
fabric (For seat part), tools (Lots of expensive ones), your precious labor time,
and don’t forget your electricity bill that will be hefty if you are constantly using power tools such as tables saws and power drills.
Lastly your rent, unless you make things from home that is.
Now that you have calculated all that went into making your beautiful chair, that you just completed, you have to decide how much you want for it.
Lets just say it cost you a grand total of $300.00 dollars.

COST YOU $300.00 dollars, RIGHT?
So you CAN NOT charge that amount!
You have to add what you think your labor is worth, you have to get back what you paid for the chair to be built,
and lastly you have to charge another $300.00 dollars to actually get a PROFIT!

This is the breakdown….
$300. Chair building cost, $300. Labor with break down of $150. per day to make chair, $300. Profit, which is a grand total of $900. dollars that you will charge your customer for the chair purchase.
BUT……YOU ONLY PROFIT $600.00 dollars the other $300. is to invest in building another product. Not to mention if it becomes necessary to hire a person to help you for which they also receive a slice of profit.

This brings me to why I brought this up, I moved to Mexico a little over a year ago and honestly people here sadly know nothing about their worth.

These people are amazingly talented and creative to the extreme,

taking objects from the trash and converting it to treasures,

also making and selling things from natural resources,

such as tree trunks, clay, seashells, palm leaves, cocconut husks, sharks teeth, bamboo, seaglass, and ordinary rocks.

They also make beautiful crochet items, sewn dresses and tops embroidered by hand, spectacular paintings of Mexican women being carried by Indian men dressed in an array of colorful feathers, wooden table and chair sets with intricately designed carved accents, handcrafted statues, and crosses with glazed porcelain Jesus look a likes hanging onto the carved deep cedar colored wood.

This is only a small portion of this incredibly cultured land of Mexico that offers everything dirt cheap including their silver, onyx, opals, and pearls.

The problem PESOS and STINGY PEOPLE!!!

Pesos are worthless if you are living on them, like I am! :( SAD FACE HERE!

If you use Dollars you never think about prices, because it is majorly cheap, on the other hand using pesos when you get paid lousy pay every week or 15 days is a killer.

Example: The average waiter gets a daily pay of $70-120 pesos which is $6-$10 Dollars A DAY! Can you feed your family on that? I don’t think so! If you have a better job you can make anywhere between $86-$230 which in Dollars is about the wage you would get at McDonalds.

My point here is the people try to sell their own things, because working for someone else is in no way going to secure a grand future. BUT the horrible thing is, these people go out selling their things too cheap, leaving them in the exact same position as working for a boss.

According to a recent study by INEGI 27.4% of the total population sell in the streets to be able to eat, which is 11.9 million.

Tourists are the only one’s who don’t really haggle, yet they can’t complain due to the ridiculously low prices. The people who live here are the problem. They don’t care how much money it took you to make your product and labor, what labor?

So these people wander the streets all day with their homemade items on their backs going street through street, house to house, business to business, trying to sell just one thing only to get people that haggle them down below the price that it took them to make it!!!!!!

This outrages me.



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